Commercial & house plans​


Our Offices are situated in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, these are led by a team of design professionals.

Our members carry diverse expertise both in Architecture and Development Management. It’s therefore not surprising that NATCO Designs prides itself with High levels of  design and project management.

Our designs contributes to the highest standards of design in South Africa.  Our modern HOUSE DESIGN shows a general reputation for our integration of architectural design services

NATCO has a collective pool of experience in Modern House Design and Project Management (20 years and counting)… when it comes to the design, planning and construction of PROJECTS, we understand that it’s important for our clients to have a peace of mind.

To NATCO design success begins from day ONE.

We serve our clients from start to finish and see them through the entire process, from inception to completion to the day they “move in”.

With all our developments we use attractive 3D “photo-real” visuals.

Contractor Selection: Once all planning requirements have been adhered to and the necessary permissions and approvals have been obtained, NATCO begin with the build.

Quality Assurance: We are registered with the NHBRC counsel and will conduct regular on-site quality control once construction commences.

The service ensures that the construction process achieves the highest quality and detail outlined on all design documents (i.e. drawings, specifications, etc.)

Project Management: In addition to the above mentioned services, NATCO will achieve their deliverables at the right TIME, COST and QUALITY throughout the duration of the works.

NATCO Designs utilizes leading 3D Visualization tools at the preliminary stages of the design process to provide design plans as per client’s brief.

The client is then able to see more details in the design, giving the client a “virtual view” into the design earlier on, which then assists both the client and the design team to have unequivocal input throughout the design stage.

In development, this also ensures 3D “photo-real” visuals for use in all documentation designs