What we do

More about what we do:

It is NATCO’s objective to stay ahead in our industry by keeping abreast of technology, fulfilling client requirements, continually training or mentoring our staff, and by consciously adhering to our leading quality assurance / control plan.

Natco consists of three divisions:

Services - Designs - Projects

  • Architecture and interior design
  • Maintenance and landscaping
  • Renovations and alterations
  • Building and construction

Our Divisions


As part of our group service offering, we provide a range of direct services. These additional services allow us to offer an end-to-end solution to clients. This can be anything from painting, plumbing even to electrical.


Our Architectural & Design services are focused on interior spaces and designs, and are suited for all kinds of clients, including those in the leisure, retail, industrial, and corporate sectors.


Renovation and restoration: Our renovation and /or restoration specialists can transform any space into a stylish and practical area.

Residential: Our residential services include turnkey, multi-unit residential estates or upmarket homes within lifestyle estates. We offer both new build, renovation and ground-up construction services for residential requirements.

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